Big bronx Brains (b^3) club

In B^3, we actively engage in a growth mindset intervention process, to "bridge the brain gap," which includes teaching students not only about their brains, but also about the brain research on neuroplasticity, and how to assess their own metacognitive process and growth in the context of consistent cooperative learning (CL) and self-led learning (SLL) models.  By starting with the brain in mind, we learn that our intellectual abilities are expansive, not fixed, that intelligence is a set of cognitive (executive functioning) skills that can be taught, practiced and improved, to help us become more competent learners and doers.  

We have 18 active students who meet for 1-hour each week.

Club Features:

  • Brain Science 101:  The Basics of Structure & Function
  • The Science of Addiction
  • Advanced Class A (SMART TEAM):  Modeling the Brain Structure & Function
  • Advanced Class B (SMART TEAM):  Modeling the Protein Structure and Function
  • Meet a laboratory research scientist
  • Visit a research laboratory
  • Design and present a poster of your research findings
  • Attend several special events with Coach Hunter throughout the year 

Contact: Coach Lavonne Hunter

Art club

Art Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday. Join us for:

  • Printmaking Drawing Painting Sculpting
  • Displaying art
  • Learning about artists
  • Entering contests
  • Preparing portfolios
  • Experimenting with new materials
  • Creating and HAVING FUN!

Contact: Janelle Lalomio

Gardening club

Gardening Club meets every Wednesday. Join us for:

  • Planting seeds
  • Growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants
  • Preparing food to eat
  • Watering, weeding, composting, propogating
  • Making art with natural objects
  • Gardening and managing pests organically
  • Making art with natural objects
  • Beautifying the school!

Academic Support

The Humanities Workshop meets Tuesdays - Thursdays from 2:30 - 5:30pm and provides support in excellent homework completion as well as mastering and honing English standards.  This time and space is for scholars to revisit their learning from the day and reflect thoroughly, including: studying notes, synthesizing new information, developing and mastering understanding, preparing questions (particularly the why and how), and forwarding themselves for the next day of class.  The Humanities Workshop takes pride in carving out a space where scholars choose to be rather than any other competing distraction afterschool.  Scholars are choosing to be here; they are choosing to academically thrive.  


music - instruments

Music - production

Steam club